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Wirral Golf Club
  1. Any potential new member, whether a previous member, a member of another Club or simply a member of the public must complete a Membership Application Form. It must then be submitted to the Club Manager/ Secretary.
  2. The Club Manager/Secretary will a) check that the form has been completed properly and once it has been so completed, b) place the name of the potential new member on the New Members Application Board in the Players Entrance for a period of two (2) weeks. Both current Captains will then be informed that this has happened.
  3. Current members of the Club have the right to object to an application. Such objections should be written and placed in an envelope addressed to the Captain or Captains of the Club and deposited in the New Members Applications Correspondence box situated by the Score Entry Terminal.
  4. Objections must be signed and dated by the member concerned.
  5. The Objection process will be entirely confidential. Without opening any objection letters, the Club Manager/Secretary will give any objection correspondence to the current Captains.
  6. The Captains will then bring the objections to the next Captains Committee meeting (and one can be arranged for the purpose), for the Committee to consider but without the objectors names being disclosed.
  7. The Committee will decide whether the Application concerned will be rejected or considered further. The applicant and his/her proposers and seconders will be immediately informed of the outcome by the Captains if the application is rejected.
  8. Any objections will remain confidential to the Captains Committee and subject to objectors names being treated as described in 6. above.
  9. Once the Captains Committee has dealt with any objections the relevant objectors letters will be destroyed by the Captains one month from the date the Committee decision was determined.
  10. If no objections are received or an application is to proceed despite objections, an interview with the prospective member will be arranged when at least one of the Captains and one other member of the Captains Committee will be present to conduct the interview as per Appendix A of the Articles of Association.