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Wirral Golf Club

Ellavate Fitness was developed by Charlotte Forde, a personal trainer and golfer with over 19 years of experience.

As the only Titleist Performance Institute certified Golf Fitness Specialist on the Wirral, Charlotte is able to identify your physical strengths and weaknesses; how they relate to your golf game and design a comprehensive, bespoke workout programme that is specific to you and your golf game.

Clients have seen reduced scores and handicaps, as well as improvements in the following areas:-​

  • the ability to drive the ball further by increasing swing speed and power output.
  • prevention of injuries especially significantly reduced lower back pain through mobility and flexibility of the spine.
  • more control and consistent ball striking through balance and coordination.
  • weight loss, improved posture, increased energy levels and reduced recovery time.

If you require any further information visit or to book an initial consultation contact Charlotte on 07523843911 or [email protected]