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Wirral Golf Club

The Golf Club

Wirral Golf Club is a fantastic golf club to be apart of, with rich history and are very proud to have hosted prestigious events such as the Cheshire Boys Championships and Cheshire Ladies Captains of Captains.

The Golf Course

Wirral Golf Club provides a different type of challenge for golfers of all ages and abilities to participate in a round of golf, with the golf course being relatively short compared with some modern golf courses, but tight fairways, well positioned bunkers and narrow greens certainly challenge most golfers of all abilities. The Golf course is just under 5000 yards for ladies, and just under 5200 yards for men. This provides a great opportunity to complete a round of golf in under three hours, which is a important consideration and potential benefit for those looking for a fast round for those with a busy lifestyle/work schedule whether that be a potential new member or a non-member just looking for a different challenge from the regular courses they may play.

Open To All

The Club Competitions, for lady members are played on Thursdays and Saturdays with the occasional competition played on a Tuesday. For male members, club competitions are played on a Wednesday and Saturday. The opportunity to play at weekends with few restrictions, makes it very attractive for both women and men who may not be able to play in competition times, but can still play a casual round after the competition times. Ladies and Men’s Board competitions are played from May to September so there are plenty of opportunities and plenty of tee times available for entry into competitions.

Wirral Golf Club is a fantastic golf course for new/young juniors to play and learn the game of golf as Wirral is fantastic place to really improve your short game with tight pin positions and undulating greens. Current junior members of Wirral Golf Club partake in regular junior group lessons on a Saturday morning in which they learn new technique and types of golf shots and have a lot of fun.

Join Us

Wirral Golf Club is a friendly club with a family atmosphere so we are looking forward to you visiting Wirral in the not too distant future.

Become a member

Course Dress Code

If you’re planning on visiting our course, please be mindful of the dress code in place and adhere to it.

On the course:

Clothing and footwear made specifically for playing golf and of the type sold in the professional shop.

  • Ladies Clothing: Ladies Golf shirts, Tailored Trousers, shorts/skirts, golf shoes and socks
  • Men’s Clothing: Men’s golf shirts with collar and sleeves, Tailored Trousers, shorts, golf shoes and socks

Correct Dress Code:

  • Collared Golf shirt,
  • Golf Trousers/Shorts/Skirts,
  • Tailored trousers/tailored shorts/ ,
  • Hoodies with minimal/small logo branding,
  • Golfing waterproofs,
  • Golf shoes,
  • Golf pullover/golf jackets,
  • Hats with peaks should be worn with peaks facing forward

Not acceptable clothing on course:

  • No Gym shirts/collarless shirts,
  • No jeans,
  • No tracksuits bottoms,
  • No cargo shorts/trousers (Bottoms with big/small zips down the sides),
  • No crocs/sandals

Anyone without the appropriate clothing will be asked to change before being allowed to play.